Its been a long time since i wrote a post on my blog. This has been at the back of my mind for a long time.

It happens with almost everyone of us that we find ourselves stuck in a situation for so long that we start to think that it has become a part of our life. It plays on your minds to an extent where you start to believe that your life is hell and getting out of this and being happy again is just a myth until and unless you do something radical and get yourself out of it.

This could be your workplace, school, college, family anything for that matter. You start to think that the day you get rid of this you would be so happy, all the bad days would be over forever. What follows this is a series of events where you try everything humanly possible to get rid of all that irritates you and makes you feel caught up and unhappy.

But when you have done it all, you realize that getting out wasn’t so difficult and guess what, a thought runs through your mind which says “It wasn’t so bad afterall”. On the verge of getting out of this situation where you felt the happiness in life would never end, you feel that may be it was all inside your head. May be it was not so bad.

I have felt that way so many times in so many different situation. Have you?



I have never had an answer to this question. I sometimes wonder (I really don’t care most of the times) that what is it that I see myself doing 5 or may be 10 years from now. I have come out with weird answers and most of the time they are no where related to what I am doing at the moment.

A part of me wants to be an astronaut, another part of me wants to be an entrepreneur, deep inside I want to be a scientist and sometimes I want to be a rockstar.  Some people might judge me saying that this is guy is so confused. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. He is like a jack of all trades. I would ask, “What is wrong with that”. The reason I am unable to find myself the exact thing I wanna do in life is because I cannot type cast myself as a programmer or a manager or whatever. I may be good at a few things I want to do and I might be horrendous at few of the others but the important fact is that I am brave enough to accept that.

People who type cast themselves as engineers or doctors for life are insecure that they might not be as good in the other things they do. Most Importantly, if you already know what to do in life, where is all the fun? Its like saying i am solving a puzzle and i already know the answer to it. It just sucks all the adventure out of life doesn’t it. Your main profession might be your core competency but that doesn’t make you unavailable to try the other professions or hobbies around you.

Let yourself lose. In the small life span that you have go do what you want and achieve what you dream to.



A word we would hear atleast once everyday. Patriotism is subjected to a strong emotion and love towards your country. When most of us think of patriotic people the first thing that flashes in our mind are the armed forces, the Army, Navy and the Airforce. Then may be the freedom fighters who helped our country attain independence. Well this is great, these people are the epitome of patriotism but it doesn’t end there.

There as always been much talk about patriotism being seen as a property of a citizen that can be measured by his deeds. If you know and sing the national anthem everyday, you are a patriotic person. If you know the names and birthdays of the freedom fighters, you love your country. If you know who or what our national bird/animal/symbol/sport etc etc is then you are worthy of being called a citizen of the country. Is that all true? Knowing all this is a great thing. But if you don’t, does that put a question mark on your loyalty towards the nation? Is there a dictionary or encyclopedia that you can read up and some examination you have to go through to prove your dedication for the country?

Well, I don’t think so. A Country is not just about the army and the leaders who attend the parliament sittings everyday. Please don’t get me wrong, they are very important but they do not define the lives of everybody else in the nation. A person who works hard breaking stones in a factory or construction site and feeds his family is a patriotic person. He might father a son/daughter one day who would I am sure he would send to the best school possible and they would in turn be the pilots and engineers of the future. He is helping the nation grow and that’s patriotism.

This holds true for every common man, celebrity, business man, writer, musician just about anyone who has a skill. A Skill that can be used to destroy people’s lives but he chooses to use it to improve theirs. Even an NRI who has never been to India since may be a decade is a patriotic person because he does great work in a foreign country and represents our country there. Our presidents might meet once in a year but he reaches out to numerous people and is seen as a citizen of a particular country who is so far away from home but still chooses his profession to improve people’s lives. People who are no where related to him. That’s patriotism.

You don’t have to take a bullet down your throat to prove that you love your country. A Simple gesture in your daily life is enough to do that. It doesn’t matter what your religion is or which caste you belong to. What matters is that you are there when the nation needs you. You are true to what you do and continue doing it without harming anyone. If we all do this I don’t think we would ever need the army.






Humans are known for finding answers to tough questions. The people formed two groups. People who strongly believe in science explain things in terms of physical laws and chemical reactions. The other group of people who are more of the spiritual inclination, say one word….. DESTINY.

This got me wondering, how is it that destiny and fate are just phenomenon associated with living things only? Knowingly or may be unknowingly the objects around us are sometimes omitted from our understanding of the universe and the environment around us.

The lines on our palm that evolve themselves with our age is a live example that the creator is giving us hint of his presence. What if non living things or partially living-immobile things like trees, rocks, oceans, fire and just about anything have a destiny associated with them? Non-living things could also have a line of life that we cannot see. If that would be possible, our understanding of the world would just turn upside down.

The creator has thought a lot about the world he has put together. It may require a combination of wild imagination and a deep marraige between science and religion for us to find the right answers.




Forever it has been believed that someone who masters one skill is a long time winner because well, he is the arguably the best at what he does. A lot of people would tell you that this is the right thing to do. Mastering one skill seals your place in the community. The big question; is that really true?

Skills are not just abilities these days. Skills are attached with numerous unwanted properties which in a way influence the importance of the skill you possess. Market conditions, market trends, demand, supply and what not. So in the so assumed fast growing and ever expanding world today what matters the most is that you own the right skill at exactly the right time. But then there is a catch here, how do you know when the time is right? Well, that’s simple; You anticipate.

This has been proved many a time but never put forward with such importance. Look at Nokia, once considered to be invincible by anyone who even knew what a mobile phone was, is struggling to stay afloat and keep its work going. They were so immersed in their ‘mobile’ world that they didn’t see the smartphone coming or the tablet coming. Now their competitors are gaining on them while they scramble to gain enough expertise.

But being a jack of many trades is also not the ultimate solution to becoming the next Apple. Diversification is good but over diversifying your company would mean that you have way too many places to contribute to anf finally you end up in a confused state where everything feels right while everyother thing feels wrong. That’s the mistake companies like HP committed.

Then what is the way out of this puzzle!! Its simple, Diversify deep into your core business areas and jump curves when the time is right. Never should a company lose its breathing space, where they have ample time to plan their way through their product pipelines. If you lose that space, blunders are bound to happen.

Take control of the business you are in so that the decision of the future is solely yours. Only when you own the entire chain would you be able to dream and succeed because then you are Unique and Valuable.



Time…. The most prominent of the dimensions around us. It has played such an important role in the formation of our universe and the many other universes that exist parallel to ours. Apart from being the most important element, time is also the most mysterious. We may think that we have unravelled all the mysteries related to time but believe me there are many more to come. Of them the most important the one that will change mankind forever would be time travel.

Travelling in time has been the most talked about phenomenon in science fiction. It is fascinating to know that we can in some ways travel through time to see the future or make some changes to the past. But can we????

May be time travel would become possible for the generations to come but can they really do it? They say that nature always chooses something that makes it come back to its state of eqilibrium. What if you go back in time and kill grandfather? That would mean that you would never have been born… This is the grandfather paradox. There are many such inconsistencies which are unaccounted for and what would happen in such cases is unknown.

But look at this way, the more time you spend going to the past and coming back, the present world would have gobe further ahead in time. Albert Einstein spent his entire lifetime trying to predict time and the things that affect it.

According to me, time is not what we percieve it to be. May be our calculation of time is not what it actually is. May be earth’s 1sec is the universes 1 min. If that is so, the age of the earth, the sun and everything around us would be affected drastically…. What if millions years in spacetime is just a few 100 years in earth time????

The universe is about imagination. It took the imagination of the gods to bring it to existence and it would take the courage of mankind to explore it….



Appreciation is a powerful tool given to mankind. Appreciating a person for the work he/she does boosts their confidence and brings about a new meaning to their way of looking at things. It can be treated as a medium to motivate people.

It is important that we understand that motivating someone might be something of lower priority to us but it is an essential part of life. Researchers for eg physicists spend their lives working on finding a new planet for instance, seldom does someone succeed in such a mission with no direction or problem statement but appreciating them for their efforts would make them feel important. The feeling is almost as good as succeeding in your research.

Never shy away from being the one who accepts that someone is better than you at something. You need a heart of titanium to do that but believe me it shows how humble you are. You may win a competition but remember there were others who failed by an inch but tried very hard. Yes they didnt get through but atleast they tried and that is appreciable.