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When you google “heritage of india” you would find pictures of forts, festivals, people in ethnic wear may be an occasional picture of modi and sometimes some disturbing images of poor people. That brings up the question, Is that India? Is that the heritage of India. Yes the festivals and forts and historical monuments are the heritage but in the 21st century do we not have something other than that? The answer is yes we do. The reason i am writing this is so that when the next time someone googles India, along side the forts and raja maharaja pictures and articles, they must also see this article.

So what are the 21st century heritages,
We Indians from the time we are born are taught to save money for the rainy day unlike people of other countries who are in debt up to their necks. India has a very strong economy because the base of our economy is based on real money and real jobs and real work.
We all also invest please note i use the word invest and not spend on gold, silver and homes for ourselves which makes our economy the 2nd larges in the world in terms of gold holding that in itself is amazing.
As Indians we respect everything. From our parents, relatives all the way down to our cars and scooters. We worship everything we have in our life. In the form of festivals or in the form of good habits, it is in our genes. That creates an happy enviornment where we are surprisingly satisfied with everything we have and own unlike other people who keep ranting about how bad and imperfect their things are.
We also respect the weather. When it rains we love it becuase we think about the people who are in draught and about the people who have grown crops and are waiting for rain to cherish those crops.
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We are taught to respect our school and be scared of it. We are told that school gives you education and you must respect it and learn. Children in our country are bred in highly competitive enviornments that trains them from the beginning to strive to be the best. It is onLy a child in india who even after he fails because he did not careabout school, still has a dream of what he wants to do and become.
Children and the future generations are our biggest strengths. We care for them unlike crows who lay their eggs in another birds nest we care about what they eat, when they sleep and most importantly what they become.
I have personally spoken to so many auto rickshaw drivers who asked me which engineering college was good because they wanted their sonor daughter to go there and become one of indias amazing engineers. They dont mind taking a mortgage on their house to do that but somehow they want the child to see what in their words “they couldnt”
We indians are passionate about everything. Our money investments, festivals, children’s marks in school, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth and most importantly Cricket. Everyone has an opinion about everything. Why is that, cuz we consider those things to be a integral part of our life. If amitabh is ill people care cuz we think he is a part of our life. If  sachin doesnt go to rajya sabha we care because we think the country p, it contitution and the governing bodies are a part of our life. We respect them and we want the people we respect to also follow suit. That is the most amazing thing a country can ask for. Its every person caring about every other person unlike other countries that are based on the principle of every man for himself which only creates hatred amongst people.
We are also very passionate about the investments we make which build on the savings part of this article. We love to share to other friends and family where we have invested our money and encourage them to do the same.
We share the same passion towards politics as well. That passion alone has got us under the rule of Modiji. The passion that people in maharashtra have from bal thakrey or people in karnataka have for dr rajkumar or in chennai have for amma
Sati, murder, oppression, rape nothing can stop an Indian woman and the world knows that. Unlike other countries where women are treated as objects we have respect for our women. It should be noted that for those who dont and rape or tease women must be hanged at the nearest traffic signal in broad day light and thats my pasison towards my country, see how it all works out.
Women in our country do so many things. House wives, farmers, doctors, engineers pilots and police constables even bus conductors. It is amazing how much the women of india are the important to the society. They are like the heavy duty string that keeps everything binded together. We are taught from childhood to respect women. Our sisters mothers relatives and friends.
All this only adds on to our heritage of monuments, films, music, languages, festivals and scenis beauty to make a full 21st century package.
This is dedicated to eeryone who lives in india and everyone who is thinking about visiting india. You must know what india is about amd what india stands for.



I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it. – Clint Eastwood

This quote quite literally explains the story of oil. We live in a world that revolves around oil. from large scale industries to the small cottage industries, oil is the key raw material used. All vehicles including bi-cycles use oil, the extent of their requirements may vary but never the less the requirement still exists. For the past 100 or more years mankind’s dependency on oil has increased to such an extent that citing a small possibility that oil wells of the world may dry out some day is completely discarded as a far fetched idea.

Oil or in general fossil fuels drove the industrial revolution all over the world. The use of oil spiked with the invention of the internal combustion engine used in cars/trucks and many other devices. The search for an alternative source of fuel way always a priority but somehow it never caught on and everyone forgot about the fact that fossil fuels are not renewable sources of energy.

Now we could argue that there are hydrogen cars (Beta versions not sold in the market), electric cars that need to be charged for about 8-13 hrs every 100 km you travel, machines powered by water/sugar/alcohol and what not. But are they good enough? Now of these products are ready for prime time for everyday use. Is it that electricity is a bad alternative to crude oil? Not necessarily.

Change causes chaos. Change is always hated by people until they get used to the change, and when it changes again, the chaos returns. In a world that is so deeply integrated with oil as its fuel, an entire reinvention is required to rethink and re-imagine the world with solar power or hydrogen. Is that possible? Well it isn’t if the change starts soon cause everyday that passes by, we get more dependent on the oil that is getting over as we speak and when its really gone, it would bring the world to chaos again.

Where countries are waging war to take control of oil wells, an alternate source is needed immediately.

Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected. -Robert Frank





Theres one name on every Indian’s mouth these days. Narendra Modi… For good or bad reasons he is discussed about in every house hold and every news channel on quite a regular basis. He is if you can call it the “obama” of India.

A country where education, population and corruption has always been a problem since independence. Where politicans have been making false promises for the past 60 odd years that they would bring the change that the country and society needs to make India a competitive nation and help the poor live a comfortable life, Narendra modi looks like the only feasible option right now. He talks about the bad state of the Army, the bad state of public sector companies, the bad ecnonomic policies and most importantly about making the relations with our neighbours clear.

Generally Indian politicians have been known not to have a spine. They work on the prinicples of Bureaucracy walking a fine line between the good and the bad. The country understands that it needs a person who has a clear understanding about the right and the wrong. A person who is highly patriotic and one who respects people who are highly patriotic too. Ones who don’t like the country can pack their bags and go somewhere else. 

What can the people do to assist the change? Use the single most powerful weapon democracy gives us. VOTE. We must excercise our right to vote with utmost reponsibility. The country is ours and we are responsible for its current and future state of affairs.

Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.



Key Speakers And General Views From The Google I/O 2012 Conference


Wearable computing, Smart Computing or the many names it is known by, gadgets are getting closer to our everyday life than they ever were. The smartphone has already created a buzz all around the globe. Imagining life without smartphones is currently impossible for most of us. But has it really made us smart? Well, I tend to disagree. I don’t remember my friends telephone numbers anymore, I don’t remember when was the last time I read the editorial of a newspaper, talked to my neighbours or friends by meeting them and the list goes on. They say that these things make the world feel smaller but ironically, they take you away from reality.

Beautiful 1080p HD screens make everything look life like, but ever wondered where those beautiful wallpapers that your device has are shot? We are all part of this bandwagon where we let the tech companies or geeks decide what the future might look like. Why does the future have to be like Minority Report or some Stephen Spielberg movie? Can the future not be like what William Wordsworth described for it to be? Believe me I am big fan of Smartphones and gadgets like glass but I feel it is making people dumb. Asking Siri what the weather is like rather than just looking outside the window is pure laziness and indifference that we have gotten accustomed to.

What is the way out? There isn’t any. Smartphones and wearable computing is probably inevitable now. All we can do is to control our use of such things. Try not to use them for every little thing. Try to value face to face meetings rather than hangouts or video conferences. Watching a game in the stadium is no where compared to watching it online. Being offline for a few hours a day is good and asking Siri to multiply 2 by 5 is probably not the best idea 🙂

We don’t want to turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people into complacency and dependence.





It was only until the last decade that the American and European continents looked overly prosperous. Everything was going well, people enjoying their time at beaches and islands. It was something I would call the “Vegas” year. Everybody went to Vegas and had their share of “fun”. Little did they know that the fun was coming to a sad end.

Yes, we all understand that that the governments in there countries have gone bankrupt. They are waging war across the globe because of course they make you think its for saving the country from potential threats etc etc. What is so difficult to understand id that there is no one who is in power in any of these countries who has the common sense or any sense of humanity to try to fix this problem and not escalate it by delaying the solution with printing money or injecting stimulus packages.

People still think that someday this would all end and they could go back to spending again using their credit cards. Unfortunately it won’t. Living beyond the means is exactly what people have been doing, and not just people, the governments in their countries have been doing the same thing. Most of the countries have 2 or 3 big organizations that are responsible for more than 50% of their GDP. These organizations, mostly banks are bust and to save them, they need cash and no one has the cash.

It is these people who brought about this ideology that “if you are rich, you have power”. This has to change and this will change anytime soon. The rich are the ones who do nothing, they don’t deserve the power. The power must be the people who have vocational skills to do everyday jobs. The power must be with Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, the others might as well go bust.

This doesn’t mean that this is a bad time. This is actually a good time. This is a test for all governments and this would show the citizens how faithful their politicians and banks are. If they are not, then they have to go and be replaced with people who are. This is our chance to rebuild the society without the basis as money or capital.






Its difficult isn’t it? letting something you have known for a long time, or even if it hasn’t been a long time, it has been extremely close to you. You feel that you have a weird connection with it and it somehow means a lot to you. How difficult is it to let it go? This could be anything or anyone.

Its a strange emotion which i am sure we share with the other creatures on the planet including animals and birds. Its the emotion of attachment. An emotion that can arise from the many different feelings. You may be attached to your friends, loved ones, iPod, car or even your career. Letting it go is like ripping your heart off and setting it aside, Voluntarily.

Sometimes you feel so close to something or someone that spending time with them is the one most important thing in your life and you actually look forward to it eagerly. Being with it/them makes you happy and gives you a feeling to contentment and peace. The spiritual gurus would tell you that this is exactly what is wrong with this world and its people. Getting attached to worldly things is not the right thing to do if you want to attain victory over the cycle of life and death. While all that might be true, it is still difficult to do it cuz afterall we are humans 🙂