It was only until the last decade that the American and European continents looked overly prosperous. Everything was going well, people enjoying their time at beaches and islands. It was something I would call the “Vegas” year. Everybody went to Vegas and had their share of “fun”. Little did they know that the fun was coming to a sad end.

Yes, we all understand that that the governments in there countries have gone bankrupt. They are waging war across the globe because of course they make you think its for saving the country from potential threats etc etc. What is so difficult to understand id that there is no one who is in power in any of these countries who has the common sense or any sense of humanity to try to fix this problem and not escalate it by delaying the solution with printing money or injecting stimulus packages.

People still think that someday this would all end and they could go back to spending again using their credit cards. Unfortunately it won’t. Living beyond the means is exactly what people have been doing, and not just people, the governments in their countries have been doing the same thing. Most of the countries have 2 or 3 big organizations that are responsible for more than 50% of their GDP. These organizations, mostly banks are bust and to save them, they need cash and no one has the cash.

It is these people who brought about this ideology that “if you are rich, you have power”. This has to change and this will change anytime soon. The rich are the ones who do nothing, they don’t deserve the power. The power must be the people who have vocational skills to do everyday jobs. The power must be with Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, the others might as well go bust.

This doesn’t mean that this is a bad time. This is actually a good time. This is a test for all governments and this would show the citizens how faithful their politicians and banks are. If they are not, then they have to go and be replaced with people who are. This is our chance to rebuild the society without the basis as money or capital.



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