Its difficult isn’t it? letting something you have known for a long time, or even if it hasn’t been a long time, it has been extremely close to you. You feel that you have a weird connection with it and it somehow means a lot to you. How difficult is it to let it go? This could be anything or anyone.

Its a strange emotion which i am sure we share with the other creatures on the planet including animals and birds. Its the emotion of attachment. An emotion that can arise from the many different feelings. You may be attached to your friends, loved ones, iPod, car or even your career. Letting it go is like ripping your heart off and setting it aside, Voluntarily.

Sometimes you feel so close to something or someone that spending time with them is the one most important thing in your life and you actually look forward to it eagerly. Being with it/them makes you happy and gives you a feeling to contentment and peace. The spiritual gurus would tell you that this is exactly what is wrong with this world and its people. Getting attached to worldly things is not the right thing to do if you want to attain victory over the cycle of life and death. While all that might be true, it is still difficult to do it cuz afterall we are humans 🙂



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