Its been a long time since i wrote a post on my blog. This has been at the back of my mind for a long time.

It happens with almost everyone of us that we find ourselves stuck in a situation for so long that we start to think that it has become a part of our life. It plays on your minds to an extent where you start to believe that your life is hell and getting out of this and being happy again is just a myth until and unless you do something radical and get yourself out of it.

This could be your workplace, school, college, family anything for that matter. You start to think that the day you get rid of this you would be so happy, all the bad days would be over forever. What follows this is a series of events where you try everything humanly possible to get rid of all that irritates you and makes you feel caught up and unhappy.

But when you have done it all, you realize that getting out wasn’t so difficult and guess what, a thought runs through your mind which says “It wasn’t so bad afterall”. On the verge of getting out of this situation where you felt the happiness in life would never end, you feel that may be it was all inside your head. May be it was not so bad.

I have felt that way so many times in so many different situation. Have you?