I have never had an answer to this question. I sometimes wonder (I really don’t care most of the times) that what is it that I see myself doing 5 or may be 10 years from now. I have come out with weird answers and most of the time they are no where related to what I am doing at the moment.

A part of me wants to be an astronaut, another part of me wants to be an entrepreneur, deep inside I want to be a scientist and sometimes I want to be a rockstar.  Some people might judge me saying that this is guy is so confused. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. He is like a jack of all trades. I would ask, “What is wrong with that”. The reason I am unable to find myself the exact thing I wanna do in life is because I cannot type cast myself as a programmer or a manager or whatever. I may be good at a few things I want to do and I might be horrendous at few of the others but the important fact is that I am brave enough to accept that.

People who type cast themselves as engineers or doctors for life are insecure that they might not be as good in the other things they do. Most Importantly, if you already know what to do in life, where is all the fun? Its like saying i am solving a puzzle and i already know the answer to it. It just sucks all the adventure out of life doesn’t it. Your main profession might be your core competency but that doesn’t make you unavailable to try the other professions or hobbies around you.

Let yourself lose. In the small life span that you have go do what you want and achieve what you dream to.