Humans are known for finding answers to tough questions. The people formed two groups. People who strongly believe in science explain things in terms of physical laws and chemical reactions. The other group of people who are more of the spiritual inclination, say one word….. DESTINY.

This got me wondering, how is it that destiny and fate are just phenomenon associated with living things only? Knowingly or may be unknowingly the objects around us are sometimes omitted from our understanding of the universe and the environment around us.

The lines on our palm that evolve themselves with our age is a live example that the creator is giving us hint of his presence. What if non living things or partially living-immobile things like trees, rocks, oceans, fire and just about anything have a destiny associated with them? Non-living things could also have a line of life that we cannot see. If that would be possible, our understanding of the world would just turn upside down.

The creator has thought a lot about the world he has put together. It may require a combination of wild imagination and a deep marraige between science and religion for us to find the right answers.