Forever it has been believed that someone who masters one skill is a long time winner because well, he is the arguably the best at what he does. A lot of people would tell you that this is the right thing to do. Mastering one skill seals your place in the community. The big question; is that really true?

Skills are not just abilities these days. Skills are attached with numerous unwanted properties which in a way influence the importance of the skill you possess. Market conditions, market trends, demand, supply and what not. So in the so assumed fast growing and ever expanding world today what matters the most is that you own the right skill at exactly the right time. But then there is a catch here, how do you know when the time is right? Well, that’s simple; You anticipate.

This has been proved many a time but never put forward with such importance. Look at Nokia, once considered to be invincible by anyone who even knew what a mobile phone was, is struggling to stay afloat and keep its work going. They were so immersed in their ‘mobile’ world that they didn’t see the smartphone coming or the tablet coming. Now their competitors are gaining on them while they scramble to gain enough expertise.

But being a jack of many trades is also not the ultimate solution to becoming the next Apple. Diversification is good but over diversifying your company would mean that you have way too many places to contribute to anf finally you end up in a confused state where everything feels right while everyother thing feels wrong. That’s the mistake companies like HP committed.

Then what is the way out of this puzzle!! Its simple, Diversify deep into your core business areas and jump curves when the time is right. Never should a company lose its breathing space, where they have ample time to plan their way through their product pipelines. If you lose that space, blunders are bound to happen.

Take control of the business you are in so that the decision of the future is solely yours. Only when you own the entire chain would you be able to dream and succeed because then you are Unique and Valuable.