You might go to great schools and colleges to learn the art of motivating people, read books and try very hard and even then end up motivating only a few. Leave apart to make them your followers and forget the idea of them worship you. Such was the power of my guruji Tulsidasji Maharaj aka Jai Gurudev.

I have seen his portrait in my house since the day I opened my eyes. My grandfather who devoted most of his life in the service of guruji. He was blessed to have spent days and nights with guruji touring India with him educating people about the presence and power of God. My grandfather told me numerous stories of the adventures they had during their ‘kafilas’. The legacy of following and believing in guruji was passed on then to my father who from his childhood has been following every word guruji had to say.

Yesterday on the 18th of May 2012, guruji decided to leave his body behind and take a different journey on which he would require only his soul.

Thank you for your wisdom, It will remain with me forever and I will make sure I pass it on and let people know that I was alive when you were blessing the world with your wisdom and power. I know people only remember their God and Gurus when they are in trouble but one thing is for sure, when I am in trouble, you will be the first one who would come to my mind.

PS: Please meet my grandfather if you manage to pass by the heavens.


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