Time…. The most prominent of the dimensions around us. It has played such an important role in the formation of our universe and the many other universes that exist parallel to ours. Apart from being the most important element, time is also the most mysterious. We may think that we have unravelled all the mysteries related to time but believe me there are many more to come. Of them the most important the one that will change mankind forever would be time travel.

Travelling in time has been the most talked about phenomenon in science fiction. It is fascinating to know that we can in some ways travel through time to see the future or make some changes to the past. But can we????

May be time travel would become possible for the generations to come but can they really do it? They say that nature always chooses something that makes it come back to its state of eqilibrium. What if you go back in time and kill grandfather? That would mean that you would never have been born… This is the grandfather paradox. There are many such inconsistencies which are unaccounted for and what would happen in such cases is unknown.

But look at this way, the more time you spend going to the past and coming back, the present world would have gobe further ahead in time. Albert Einstein spent his entire lifetime trying to predict time and the things that affect it.

According to me, time is not what we percieve it to be. May be our calculation of time is not what it actually is. May be earth’s 1sec is the universes 1 min. If that is so, the age of the earth, the sun and everything around us would be affected drastically…. What if millions years in spacetime is just a few 100 years in earth time????

The universe is about imagination. It took the imagination of the gods to bring it to existence and it would take the courage of mankind to explore it….



Appreciation is a powerful tool given to mankind. Appreciating a person for the work he/she does boosts their confidence and brings about a new meaning to their way of looking at things. It can be treated as a medium to motivate people.

It is important that we understand that motivating someone might be something of lower priority to us but it is an essential part of life. Researchers for eg physicists spend their lives working on finding a new planet for instance, seldom does someone succeed in such a mission with no direction or problem statement but appreciating them for their efforts would make them feel important. The feeling is almost as good as succeeding in your research.

Never shy away from being the one who accepts that someone is better than you at something. You need a heart of titanium to do that but believe me it shows how humble you are. You may win a competition but remember there were others who failed by an inch but tried very hard. Yes they didnt get through but atleast they tried and that is appreciable.




You might go to great schools and colleges to learn the art of motivating people, read books and try very hard and even then end up motivating only a few. Leave apart to make them your followers and forget the idea of them worship you. Such was the power of my guruji Tulsidasji Maharaj aka Jai Gurudev.

I have seen his portrait in my house since the day I opened my eyes. My grandfather who devoted most of his life in the service of guruji. He was blessed to have spent days and nights with guruji touring India with him educating people about the presence and power of God. My grandfather told me numerous stories of the adventures they had during their ‘kafilas’. The legacy of following and believing in guruji was passed on then to my father who from his childhood has been following every word guruji had to say.

Yesterday on the 18th of May 2012, guruji decided to leave his body behind and take a different journey on which he would require only his soul.

Thank you for your wisdom, It will remain with me forever and I will make sure I pass it on and let people know that I was alive when you were blessing the world with your wisdom and power. I know people only remember their God and Gurus when they are in trouble but one thing is for sure, when I am in trouble, you will be the first one who would come to my mind.

PS: Please meet my grandfather if you manage to pass by the heavens.




Business or technology, the rules are simple. Be Unique and be valuable. However big your company gets you still need to put your head down and grind your way through to success. Resting on your old laurels is the last thing you want to do as an entrepreneur. This is not secret mantra, everyone knows this. The guys who spend 2 years getting an MBA who get hired in high profile organizations are taught this everyday.  

Its sad to see that even after knowing these theories there are companies who defy this and continue to do what they think is best. They fail to notice the change around them and also fail to notice the opportunity to shift paradigms. Such companies just die hailing their past successes and resting on their laurels and not to forget there useless patent portfolios which are outdated anyway.

Sony is such an example. It is extremely sad to see that an invincible company like sony who was at it peak for more than two decades is just drowning in the waters of change. Its been 3 years since the company posted a profit figure. They thought they were a TV company even when the world moved to smartphones and tablets. It is a similar case with Nokia who just continued to make their no so smart E & N series phones failing to see the future that apple saw for smartphones. RIM is just another live example.Losing market share by the minute and these are only the technology companies. There also exist companies like ford and GM who thought they were setting standards by making gas guzzling cars when the need of the hour was to invest in green technology. Kodak, a name I grew up seeing at every street and every television advert just went bust 3 months ago. They failed to see the digital camera curve or the mobile camera curve. 

The most important thing here is no one ever stopped sony from making trains or cars or robots or anything else for that matter. If you define yourself by the product you make, you will always remain a TV company or a mobile hardware company when the entire industry is shifting towards software. It doesn’t matter what you produce, what matters is that you make your customers happy that they own the best product there can ever be. Your product must speak for the hardwork and sleepless nights that have made it possible. Thats what companies like nike, amazon, ferrari, lamborghini, toyota, starbucks and an endless more do. When you buy any of their products, you know they are THE BEST.

I hope that some of these companies can comeback with something great up their sleeve which for now looks impossible. The question to ask yourself as a company is, are your really adding value to the field of technology you exist in? By keeping yourself afloat are you going to change people’s lives? Can you enchant lives with your innovations and hardwork? If the answer to all these questions is not a unanimous YES, then you probably should just close down your offices and walk away home. But if you hired the right people who still have the courage to answer a YES, then go out there and challenge the world, enrich people’s lives, enchant them with your products.