Unexpected things happen, But this was expected. You would ask me; expected by who? Well, expected by everyone in the world expect for the people of the capitalist nations who continue to be lied to by their government and the banks that their nation is on a route to recovery and soon they will all have their jobs back.

There was a time when the USA talked in billions of dollars. They imposed sanctions on the rest of the world to control what the other nations produced, sold and bought. Asian countries were at the mercy of America and the European countries to trade with other nations. USA was the boss, Uncle Sam was always right and he was a bad man.

But then what happened? Why is it that uncle Sam seems so old and helpless now? It has to a time when he had to come to Asia begging for jobs and a bailout fund. How has everything gone so wrong? Companies posting huge losses, banks failing across the nation, value of the dollar depleting by the minute and stocks at an all time low. Ironically you may find most of the European and american leaders now talking about Austerity, Sustainability, Bailouts, Spending Cuts and most importantly jobs.

They just got used to lounging around and making the rest of the world work. Asking smaller countries to lend them huge amounts of money and oil. If they refused to pay, Uncle Sam launched a military campaign against them. He always got his way. Making countries go to war is an expertise america has gained in the past couple of decades. Now the house of cards is starting to fall. Debt limits have become a joke because the European countries are running in more than 400% of their GDP. It is a surprise to me that countries like greece and italy even have a GDP to talk about.

The fact of the matter is this, they need bailouts, all of them. And no one is giving it to them because the people have no confidence in them. They dont know what to do. Even if the eurozone and america combine today to form another one of their economic zones they will collapse. Prices are rising and jobs are getting lost. There is a lot of crap circulating in the economic system that must be cleaned. At times like this Mr. Sam has only one option left, War. Thats what he is so good at doing, making innocent people suffer. Well, but this is not 1930. This is 2011 and we must know our rights and must stop Uncle Sam from doing anything that is harmful for our planet and the human race.