STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

Today, 6th of October is the saddest day of my life. Steve died today. He was a greatest visionary and technology enthusiast the world will ever see. It is due to his vision of the future that we have a enormous array of smart devices around us. He was a great human being, very competitive and also very friendly. He was the real PERFECTIONIST.

I was not a big fan of apple actually. It was always for Steve jobs who made be believe that he can turn the world around. He had the power to fight with every other technology company in the world and keep apple on the top. Be it Microsoft or even the Big Blue (IBM) or Samsung or Sony. Everyone copied every little bit of the products he launched.

He was a role model for me. I always looked up to him as a mentor and a teacher. It was my dream to attend one of his keynotes, I wish I could have done so long ago. No one can replace Steve. No one will even come close.

I wish for Steve’s soul to rest in peace.

Steve, You have really created a dent in the universe.


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