One of the greatest debates that has lasted centuries questions the athority of science against religion. Well similar to all other historic debates, this one has a story associated with it as well.
This begins from the age of the early man. When the primitive homo sapiens lived on our planet, a lot of phenomenon had no explanation. They didnt know why the sun set everyday and rose again the following day. They didnt know why rubbing two wodden twigs together made fire. It was strange but sort of automated and that made them begin worshipping these powers of nature.

Time went by and soon man startes ro evolve. Evolution brought with it the power to think, imagine and create. Nature worship still continued and at a large scale now. People started defining all unexplainable behaviour as devine. Water, sun, animals, wind were all given the status of gods.
But a change occured. People started to question things around them instead of blindly following the others. This led to the advent of science. Science explained the phenomenon happening around us. They provided us with reasons and answers to all our questions. Inevitably the orthodox relogion minded people became their enimies.

Scientists including galileo, isaac newton, einstein, aristotle etc were tortured in some way or another by people who didnt accept science.

Today things like computers and robots have been possible with science. Man has visited space and aims to visit the planets that surround us. Science has given us the power to create, think, imagine and most importantly DREAM……

I dont say that religion is outcast by science. Religion gives us the power to BELIEVE. Religion and science cannot be compared. Things that are unknown to us probably may seem wierd but i am sure science will have an explanation some day……


One thought on “SCIENCE V/S RELIGION

  1. Ankit Malani says:

    First thing you do when you get on a jet, “Hey God, I wanna land in the same structure I have boarded this aircraft” 🙂
    True, not a good idea to compare religion/belief and science.

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