Well a phrase had picked up in the past decade which said “USE AND THROW”. Before this concept was ever heard of, people bought things with much care. New things were developed frequently but it didnt prompt them to buy the new version because they were content with it. The features they required were the most important quality they looked for in any product they bought.

Things now have changed drastically though. The mass producing nations like china brought forward a concept to be able to keep their industrial output at its peak all year long. This was the biggest blunder the commercial market would have seen but somehow people accepted it. The first thing that was put forward was to push new models/versions out as frequently as the wind changes directions. This kept the people too confused to be able to decide what they want. The other thing was that people will be content with the features you give them until you lure them towards the new ones. This led to a flood of unnecessary options and features being shipped with products. Prices of things have been falling everyday and new things being introduced even more frequently.

You might think, ‘its a good thing isn’t it?’ Well yes if you look at it as a customer. You have the opportunity to be able to witness the biggest boom of technology the world has ever seen and also the power to be able to own such amazing things and witness the power they carry. But what about the creator’s aspect? Use and throw stuff is mostly mass produced and as expected machine made. Then what would happen to the designers spending days or even months designing a product and giving life to it? How would it feel if you spend a year or two in designing something and making it reality, and before you know it, it is outdated.

Well you might also think that someone is benefiting with this method, and that would be the companies. Well, nope they are not. They are stuck in a grave they dug for themselves. They practically cannot innovate and create as fast as they thought they could. Which leads to copying somebody else’s stuff or int he worst case, shipping useless products with features nobody cares about.

I feel this is a bad practice. We must respect the creativity of the creator of the product and admire his imagination. People spend months, sometimes years to be able to come up with a design that can be accepted worldwide. Throwing it away would only hurt them and nullify their hard work.

There is another huge flaw in the so called ‘use and throw’ concept. environmentalists think that buying the new thing and selling the old one off is good cuz the new ones use latest technology and save energy. This might be the case but lets consider this. Firstly a huge amount of energy was spent in making that item and shipping it in the market and now when it is outdated, considerable amount of energy would be spent in recycling those things and making new ones. Well, this doesnt look very eco friendly to me.



One of the greatest debates that has lasted centuries questions the athority of science against religion. Well similar to all other historic debates, this one has a story associated with it as well.
This begins from the age of the early man. When the primitive homo sapiens lived on our planet, a lot of phenomenon had no explanation. They didnt know why the sun set everyday and rose again the following day. They didnt know why rubbing two wodden twigs together made fire. It was strange but sort of automated and that made them begin worshipping these powers of nature.

Time went by and soon man startes ro evolve. Evolution brought with it the power to think, imagine and create. Nature worship still continued and at a large scale now. People started defining all unexplainable behaviour as devine. Water, sun, animals, wind were all given the status of gods.
But a change occured. People started to question things around them instead of blindly following the others. This led to the advent of science. Science explained the phenomenon happening around us. They provided us with reasons and answers to all our questions. Inevitably the orthodox relogion minded people became their enimies.

Scientists including galileo, isaac newton, einstein, aristotle etc were tortured in some way or another by people who didnt accept science.

Today things like computers and robots have been possible with science. Man has visited space and aims to visit the planets that surround us. Science has given us the power to create, think, imagine and most importantly DREAM……

I dont say that religion is outcast by science. Religion gives us the power to BELIEVE. Religion and science cannot be compared. Things that are unknown to us probably may seem wierd but i am sure science will have an explanation some day……



I find a lot of people around me who like to play safe. Be it money, relarionships, studies or anything that involves some action; physical or mental which is good considering that the world we live in very uncertain. It is rightly said that CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT IN THE UNIVERSE..

But there is a negative aspect of this safe game play, low returns. Even you are going through the happiest moments of your life, it wouldnt feel so. Playing safe means only one thing, you are expecting the worst to happen to you everyday. That in simple english would be a pesimistic approach. You start every task by listing out its negatives and making a plan of action in case they occur…

On the other hand there are people who love to take risks. They are always ready put everything at stake only if the task is promising enough to be fun. The risk takers assume everyday of their lives to be their luckiest and expect maximum returns from it. They are the optimistic people always expecting prosperity to prevail.

What we wanna be like is our choice entirely but the most important thin to bear in mind is never to blame god or luck for your misfortunes. The equations are simple……