Ya ya I know that the world is a very competitive place and everyone wants to be first in the race of life and we are all in the middle of some fictitious war or existence etc etc.

Well the point is this is the kind of crap we are fed with wherever we go. Including schools, colleges or even our work place. It’s like as soon as we are born, our name and identity is automatically registered into this race and we have no choice but to participate in it. Some people also go on to say that the idea of human life is very simple, LIVE TO BE THE BEST OR BE FORGOTTEN!!!!

Well my question is why? why do we always imagine that the world is a cruel place? And even if it really is, is this competition going to help us improve it? Since a child is born he is never allowed to relax, his/her parents want him the first one to walk or talk. In school parents want him to be the best in studies, sports, other activities and the list is literally never-ending.

I remember my teachers tell me that only the best person is remembered and the others in the list are forgotten. Well so does that mean that only the best person has a life while the others would be better off if they would just living? Human life has not been granted for only the “jack of all trades” types. Everyone is good at something and all we need to do is take sometime out of the competition and think or rather relax. Being the best and coming first doesn’t matter at all. Participating and giving it a try makes all the difference. We must have aims in life I agree, and out aims must be to try everything we can to ultimately find the thing we are best at and we must do all this without the fear of failure or the so-called competition.

We must know how to leave a mark on the world. The greatest world leader or scientist is the not the only one the world remembers. Competitive nature only leads to frustration which is the ultimate killer.