We all have idealized someone at some point in our life. A lot of great celebrities inspire the people these days. Actors, Sportsmen, Scientists, Singers and may be if the people have lost it, politicians get their name added to the list too 🙂

When we idealize someone, we try to look like them, talk like them and in short try to be them. But then one fine day when we wake up to read the newspaper or watch the news on the idiot box, we find out that the person who inspired us so much was caught counterfeiting money from someone or has some terrorist contacts or was arrested because he was caught with drugs. This is very heart breaking. You always pictured yourself in that guy and all of a sudden you feel like you are no where like him.

Therefore it is important for us to follow genuinely good people. It is a very difficult task to find such people these days and on the other hand it is also difficult for the celebrities to maintain their dignity because they know that a lot of people idealize them and they don’t wanna send out a wrong impression to them.

One of the people who i am inspired by is the man in the picture, Steve Wozniak. Cofounder of Apple Inc. and presently a school teacher. He is one of most perfect people I have ever come across. It is a great pressure on his followers to be able to become as good as he is 🙂 🙂



In the olden days when the barter system existed, people were very happy. Everyone did what they liked. They worked in the places of their choice and the level of satisfaction among them was at its peak. There were no analysts to predict the economic future of the economy. In fact there was no economy.

The invention of currencies led to a complete chaos and discrimination among people in terms of region and living standards. It so happened that a few jobs were very money yielding while some were not. Some products like gold fetched the maker a lot of money while cotton did not. This led to a lot frustration and hatred among people. This also led to the birth of the so called ‘competitive world’. As years passed by this situation got even worse.

Today money is everything, if you don’t have it you are termed as a looser. The amount of money you earn shows how successful you are. Where you work and what you do has no importance whatsoever. Inevitably the crime rate is at its all time high. Filing law suits against family members, killing them if they protest, getting into malpractices at work places and all the other kinds of similar stuff going around you is in someway derivable from money. It is like an evaluation system designed to rank everything in the world.

Therefore the fact of the matter is, people spend their entire life trying to earn as much money as possible. They don’t care if the work they do is not of their liking. Their aim is to earn money as fast as possible. On the other hand when it is time to retire, they try to run away from the money they earned cuz they are the just sick of measuring all the world’s pleasures and happiness in money. Well thats the power of money…… 🙂 🙂