People addicted to reading business newspapers everyday or going to the office in the morning to spend their day in hosting million dollar meetings might be knowing what I am talking about. Graphs and statistics are their near and dear ones. They spend their lives studying them only to realize that they still dont know a lot about it.

I dont know when all of this started but I am not writing a history lesson anyway. The thing is that studying market conditions and carrying out surveys to interrogate potential customers to ask them how they would like their product to be was started so that a producer would only make those goods that the consumer was ready to buy. But then that brings us to the big question, ” How does the consumer know the producer’s capabilities? How does he know what he wants?” Thats like asking a new born about its dreams.

This has a great advantage, Companies make only what they are capable of selling. But this has a huge drawback too.  Let me use an example.

This car above has market statistics written all over it. A few thousand customers were asked what they wanted and then this was produced :D. It plainly looks like a box on wheels.

On the contrary, this car above has engineering insanity written all over it. It just shows that the designer just went bonkers on the day he drew this design. He did no survey and didnt study statistics to make this a reality.

This case is the same in every industry be it automobile, IT or electronics. Market surveys get u a profit but take away the passion, the soul of the design. I don’t mind adjusting my lifestyle according to the products I own but it is an amazing feeling to know that the designer of the product has put his heart and soul into making it a reality. ITS A DREAM COME TRUE…..