Last week I was wondering about the things that would lie beyond infinity. Now there is something else that strikes my mind. What lies one step before infinity? In other words what lies at INFINITY-1?

INFINITY-1 is a stage where reaching infinity would be inevitable. How would it feel know that what lies one step ahead is the end and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I have seen a lot of movies that somehow talk about the same issue but trust its not going to be anything like what is depicted in those films. There would not be a superhero who would come and save everyone. In reality its going to be very scary.

This can also be thought of in a different way. What would you be feeling one second before you die? Some say that you would  feel sleepy but then you always wake up from your sleep . When and where would you wake up after dying? Thinking about all this makes me feel that life is not complicated at all. Complicated starts as soon as life ends. 🙂


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