What is Infinity? This is probably something everyone wonders about. At least I do 🙂

Well Infinity signifies something that cannot be imagined, Some place that cannot be reached but if you do get there, coming back is impossible. You cannot measure its size or distance. Its the unreachable and the unthinkable. It is quite literally the end of everything. But what if we somehow reach it?

That sounds maniacal but it could happen. Who in the 1920’s had imagined that humans would be going to space? No one even knew that someday we would writing blogs, just like I am 🙂 But the point is, that after we reach infinity, what would lie ahead of us? We read a lot of such stories where everyone on the earth is dead and the planet is completely deserted but in the end, life always finds a way. So may be after infinity is attained, life would start off all over again. Life and the Universe are deeply connected. Neither can exist while the other dies. Therefore if the Universe were to end or in other words, if infinity were to be reached, what would follow would be the start of a new world.

After infinity, all the clocks of the Universe would be reset and the cycle of evolution would start,AGAIN.


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