These days there are concept products for everything. Cars, computers, mobiles and what not. These concepts are the result of the extensive research done by the scientists in the respective companies. Some might argue that such things are a complete waste of money because they never get made into mainstream products anyway.

Well the idea behind these concepts is pretty simple. These concepts are simply a dream brought to reality. Making of such things requires the designer to go completely bonkers and come up with something which encapsulates the use of technology and features that have never been heard of before. They make it to say it aloud to every rival company in the world ‘WE ARE CAPABLE ENOUGH TO MAKE THIS’.



Last week I was wondering about the things that would lie beyond infinity. Now there is something else that strikes my mind. What lies one step before infinity? In other words what lies at INFINITY-1?

INFINITY-1 is a stage where reaching infinity would be inevitable. How would it feel know that what lies one step ahead is the end and there is nothing you can do to stop it. I have seen a lot of movies that somehow talk about the same issue but trust its not going to be anything like what is depicted in those films. There would not be a superhero who would come and save everyone. In reality its going to be very scary.

This can also be thought of in a different way. What would you be feeling one second before you die? Some say that you would  feel sleepy but then you always wake up from your sleep . When and where would you wake up after dying? Thinking about all this makes me feel that life is not complicated at all. Complicated starts as soon as life ends. 🙂



What is Infinity? This is probably something everyone wonders about. At least I do 🙂

Well Infinity signifies something that cannot be imagined, Some place that cannot be reached but if you do get there, coming back is impossible. You cannot measure its size or distance. Its the unreachable and the unthinkable. It is quite literally the end of everything. But what if we somehow reach it?

That sounds maniacal but it could happen. Who in the 1920’s had imagined that humans would be going to space? No one even knew that someday we would writing blogs, just like I am 🙂 But the point is, that after we reach infinity, what would lie ahead of us? We read a lot of such stories where everyone on the earth is dead and the planet is completely deserted but in the end, life always finds a way. So may be after infinity is attained, life would start off all over again. Life and the Universe are deeply connected. Neither can exist while the other dies. Therefore if the Universe were to end or in other words, if infinity were to be reached, what would follow would be the start of a new world.

After infinity, all the clocks of the Universe would be reset and the cycle of evolution would start,AGAIN.