There are laws for practically everything. Laws that describe what you must wear, what you must eat, places where you are allowed to go…. and the list goes on. It sometimes makes me think, are these law makers so jobless? All they might do in their free time is try to think about things where laws can be enforced.

But the issue is not with the laws, the thing is all laws have loopholes in them. Laws written in our constitution are written in the kind of English that even Shakespeare would have a hard time with. So then the bottom line is, if the laws are written for the people, why aren’t they simple to understand? Do we need to hire a lawyer just to know what a particular has in it for us?

There’s another problem, after a government is elected, the ministers seem to have no contact with the outside world. They don’t know what problems the people are facing and they have absolutely no idea if a particular law they plan to make would benefit them in any way.

This is not the 1950’s  when ministers would make laws and people would worship them for no reason whatsoever. People want answers to their questions. As a minister or a leader you need to perform else YOU CAN LEAVE…..


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