Lets assume Mr. X has Rs. 500000 and he wants to buy a car. His requirement is that he wants a good looking and robust car and it must be Indian, i.e completely designed and manufactured in India. There are two companies Tata and Mahindra. Mahindra has the logan but they didn’t produce it alone, it is in a JV with renault. Tata has the indica and trust me it looks hideous. So the point is, what will Mr. X buy? If he possesses any kind of visual senses, he wouldn’t buy an indica or indigo or the sumo 🙂 . so he would do is buy a car thats not indian like Hyundai or Honda or Toyota.

What I wish to convey is, there is nothing competitive that is designed and produced in India. Even pens are made by foreign companies. Clothes, computers, mobile phones everything is bought from foreign companies. Mostly all of these companies have production plants in India and they do all the production here. Nokia has the largest Asia plant in India, Mercedes also has an assembly line here, Bata makes shoes in India, LG ans Samsung do their software development in the country even social networking sites like facebook are here but we are all forgetting the key point here. NONE OF THESE COMPANIES ARE INDIAN. Indian products are not competitive either. A country with population overflowing by the minute cant even make a competitive product, what are those leaders doing?

Why is it that always the Tatas are expected to do everything. What is the government doing? All government companies make things that are completely outdated and stupid. Companies likes bsnl give services that America would have had in the 70’s and 80’s. People sitting there are unable to operate a computer properly, how do you expect them to provide broadband connections to the country. This is just one example here. Carriages for the Delhi metro have been bought from korea, why? Indian railways has completed almost 160 years of establishment and you still can produce carriages? The US sent a man to the moon in 1969 and we haven’t even started planning yet. There are things if I start mentioning, would fill a book as big as the constitution of this country.

It is a shame, a disgrace to the so called largest democracy in the world. Those leaders who have grown old and are in their 70’s or 80’s and are still stuck in the 1960 era, can never solve these problems. Everything seems to have a pinch of politics in it and politics is just a money game, fill your own pockets and do hell with the rest of the country.

Things are being ruined since the independence of this nation and they cant be solved overnight. A change is needed. Change in leadership, change in plans, change in laws. Things cannot continue for long in this manner. If they do, then might reach the point of no return where self-reliance would only be a dream.


2 thoughts on “SWADESHI!!!!!

  1. Nice entries, especially the swadeshi one. Background of your blog is now awesome, but i’d suggest changing the font color to grey or light grey maybe as white on your background is a little hard to read.

    BTW try wrting some stories or poems as well, will give your page more variety 😀

  2. Ankit Malani says:

    Swadeshi, hmmmm.. How about our MAANGO COLOUR NAANNO, which was usually parked next to BDA, remember that??
    Jokes apart, entries on your blog are just awesome..

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