Time has always been a mystery to mankind. When did time start? When would it end? Why does it flow forward only? Why can’t we travel in time whenever we wish to? Numerous questions exist and to these questions, numerous theories have been proposed. Some false and some partially true.

Science has always been an experiment and tell kind of story. Concrete facts have only seldom been stated. for example, what if someone says that the laws of gravitation and motion given by newton are completely false? It would render science and specially physics pointless. Things that happened more than a billion years ago like the formation of the universe and the earth is something we can only guess. proof can never be found unless we find a way to travel in time.

When we dream of something which comes true, what we have actually done is traveled in time for a few minutes in our dream. Our dreams may be the gateway given to us to travel in time. When people die, it is said that they are reborn again as some other organism. That means a person travels in time after death to reach the point where he is to be reborn. Spirits might also have the power to travel in time whenever they wish to.

There is another thing, future is a vague concept to me. Future relating to me can be true only when I could have traveled in time and done something, which I haven’t. Then how can it be that I see myself doing something in my dream, which I end up doing in future? Does a concept like future exist? If it does, then we might be just puppets of time executing what is written in our fate without having any control over it.

The point is, time is something which holds us all together. Breaking the time barrier and traveling in it might be the biggest challenge for mankind, Bigger than the study of the universe as well. The question is, CAN WE DO IT? and if yes, then WHAT HAPPENS AFTER WE DO?


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