The Caste system that prevailed in the Indian society for decades was said to be abolished after we attained Independence, atleast thats what I was taught at school. We were told that all humans were the same and segregating them into castes just created a divide among them. I actually believed that!!!

Well the picture in the real world outside school seems to be pretty different. The Caste system was never abolished completely. Being friends with people of the same caste and finding a spouse who belongs to the same caste still seem to be the instructions that parents and relatives give to young children. The constitution has provided for reservation for backward classes but that has been used by the political leaders for their personal benefits in every way possible. This has just taken the caste system to a higher level and abolishing it from here is never going to be a easy task.

In the era whern collaboration among people is required the most and peace and harmony amongst all is the need of the hour, the caste system is just playing the party pooper.


2 thoughts on “CASTE SYSTEM ERADICATED!!!!

  1. Stumbled upon this from Google Images.
    The Caste system is rejected in the Vedas, the only supreme authority texts of India. The history of India is highly manipulated. In order to eradicate the caste system, every Hindu ought to learn the Vedas, which are not only reserved for Brahmins, which itself is a total misunderstanding.

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