Thousands of engineers work really hard in creating marvels like this one. Slogging day in and day out just to make sure everything works just perfectly so that when it is released before the people, everyone’s just dumbstruck by everything this device can possibly do. But there’s one thing thats very important, SALES. The fate of this device is decided by the amount of these the company is able to sell. If the sales are high then even a simple device could become a revolutionary product and if the sales are low, even a revolutionary product will be forgotten in the pages of history.

Well, but does that mean that selling a product is everything??? No, it isn’t. Creating it is. History has witnessed great revolutions and even Benjamin Franklin was told that electricity was a stupid idea, so was Newton when he discovered gravity. It doesn’t matter how many people accept/reject your product. What matters is how great it actually is. Great inventions, discoveries, products or people never get wasted. It might not fetch you a lot of money but it will fetch you a satisfaction that you have quite literally created a some groundbreaking stuff…….

Keep innovating!!!