Life can be very harsh to some. Everyday is a challenge to them. A challenge to overcome their difficulties and compete with the others around them and offcourse the feeling of inferiority always remains. Have we ever wondered what a disabled person goes through in his/her life?

They are sent to seperate schools which do not harness the power of their brains. Some people do not offer jobs to them, there are no special modes of transport just for them so that they can travel safely. All they are given from the governments side is a certificate which proves that a person is disabled. Its like telling them that you are LOSER and here is your certificate. In short, if a person is disabled, his life is HELL. People give them strange looks like they don’t belong to this world at all.

We must understand that its not financial help that they require, it is motivation. When life is so harsh to them, we need to give them moral support. They need the confidence that even if they lack physical qualities, they can still do things and find ways to overcome them. They must be helped to identify their strengths and work on them.

God has given a skill to everyone, we just need to identify it and work on it. By the way, If stephen hawking or sudha chandran can do it then why not anyone else???????


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