There is something we don’t know about terrorism. Something which our mind always ignores or to be precise, something that our mind is always asked to ignore. THE STUFF BEHIND THE SCENES.

According to me terrorism and its derivatives are the best sold idea in the entire history of mankind. It surpasses every other commodity including Pepsi by an astronomical margin. This term and its effects can me much worse than a worldwide war.

Just imagine, a man (Mr. X) used to take his dog out for a walk every morning until he saw the news and heard the world leaders preach terrorism. Mr. X is of a kind that constitutes 90% of the world’s population. These people believe what they hear or see. As a result, Mr. X stays at home almost all the time and even if he does go out, he is haunted by the scenes of terror attacks that he has been watch all day long on the idiot box. He has lost his peace of mind.

It so happens that every international summit including the G8 and the SAARC discuss terrorism to be a major problem world over. Day in and day out it is fed into Mr. X’s brain that terrorism is all around him and the best he can do to avoid it is to stay at home and obey the dumb leaders who manage to escape every attack in one way or the other.

Terrorism exists in our minds. What we know is what se see and we actually don’t know anything else. News is presented to us as a ready to digest meal every day and we just take it in without questioning anything around us. They expect us to fall into the traps that they lay. They want us to live in a terrified state for the rest of our lives and we are doing just that. This is where the catch lies. Let your mind decide what is right or wrong. Stop being a slave of what is being shown or told.

The only way to curb terrorism is to reach for its roots and not use it for dirty politics. Don’t blindly give into what is being shown to you. We don’t know what is INSIDE.


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