Managers Everywhere


It’s the latest trend among the youth of the country. Everybody dreams about it and everybody wants to be one. Well if you are thinking Cricket, that’s not what I am talking about.

I am talking about the trend that makes CAT to be the toughest examination in the world. Approximately 4lakh people attempt the CAT every year and only a 10000 get calls from IIMs and only 3000 get through with an admission letter from the IIMs. Then you must be wondering, what happens to the other 3lakh 98thousand aspirants? The people who are left out either settle into other institutes or just drop out to try next year. These drop outs go back to only come back the next year to increase the head count of the exam and continue to try again and again and again.

Now that makes me wonder what lies on the other side of the MBA degree. What is so great about an MBA that attracts people towards it? Do all aspirants have an aptitude to become managers? Does everyone wanna be a manager because they are good at management skills?

Well, unfortunately that’s not the case. People look out for the so called ‘White Collar Jobs’ because of the heavy salaries that companies offer for such designations. Engineers, Accountants, Journalists, everyone wants to be an MBA. Now here is my BIG QUESTION:


Engineers are leaving their jobs to go for higher studies and at least 90% of them are aspiring an MBA. Why MBA? Why not an MS or an MTECH?

Technical work demands time and dedication and obviously it demands the aptitude that is required to be a successful engineer. MBA seems to have become an easy way to earn more money. An MBA degree from a reputed college can easily fetch you around 15-20lakhs per annum and on the other hand an engineer would only earn around 8lakhs per annum. But does that really matter?

People who are bored of their technical jobs or are not competent enough to survive in the industry opt for management jobs where they only have to order people around to get the work done. Here is where the major difference lies, doing work (Engineer) or getting work done (Manager). An Engineer creates the products that define the organization. How many of us know that the well known Post it notes are made by a company named 3M? And how many of us know who the CEO of the company is? How many of us know who the CEO of HP is?

What I mean to say is that an organization is defined by its products and not by its managers. Anybody can do the work of managing people but creating a revolutionary product that takes the company to new heights is the work of an Engineer.

I don’t say that managing is a good job to do. I just want to say that everybody is born with a special talent that God bestows us with. We need to recognize it. That’s what defines what your strengths/weaknesses are. A person weak with technical skills could be good at managing people and somebody bad at managing could be excellent when it comes to Engineering.

Don’t do a job for the money that you might get from it. Do it for your INNER SELF. The one that defines Who you are.


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