“India is a large market that needs to be harnessed effectively for the growth of our company”
This is something we can hear a lot of CEOs quote nowadays.
We are quite backward in terms of technology as compared to the US and the UK and not to forget we are the largest developing country in the world. But there is something that strikes my head, Why do global companies take India as a competitive market?
Even if the US president wants to stop them from coming here, why do they still continue to do so? Are we really good customers? Are we the end users for who those products are created? Well, whatever be the reason, they are not fools and they have a bigger objective behind this.
Reynolds is the largest selling pen in this country, Hyundai produces the largest selling small car of the country. Levis, Pepe Jeans, Van Heusen are the brands people love to buy. Nike sponsors the dress of our beloved Indian Cricket team. The fast growing IT industry is completely native on Microsoft Windows. These are just some examples from our everyday life.
As you can see all of the above companies are not Indian. The Birlas, the Tatas and the Ambanis are trying hard to revert these statistics but they are unable to leave an impact. Tata Motors has been posting losses larger than companies like Hyundai and Honda operating in the same segment and while on the other hand, the brand ‘vimal’ is still unknown to a lot of people in India.
Indians are regarded as Intelligent and smart. But then where is the result? Over a 100 crore people and not even a single product which can compete with the products of the foreign companies. These companies advertise their products as if they are Indian. People don’t even know that some of the brands they buy are actually owned by a foreign agency. Its no use trying to stop them from coming here, because then it would prove that we are not COMPETITIVE.
Four Indians being on the world’s richest men list does not fetch us anything. Providing services to other companies and paying them for using their products and letting them capture all the market in the country is what everybody is doing. We need products like the Tata Nano which could be launched globally and most importantly we need products that are OUT OF THE BOX.
A few people like Malvinder Singh (Ranbaxy labs) and Sabeer Bhatia who dared to think different sold away their products for an amount which will never equate the pride they would have had to be the owners of a revolutionary product or brand originating from our country.
All companies be it big or small need to pull up their sleeves and start pumping iron into their R&D and product divisions. We need better products and the rest will happen on its own. Every single employee must be motivated to work together to achieve this difficult but not impossible goal.
All we need to do is,
AIM, and